Monday, 13 February 2012

Feb 2012
We decided to visit Copenhagen in the winter to see  what the city had to offer when the world famous Tivoli gardens are closed.  The winter can be very cold with months of freezing conditions. I arranged my flights in advance so I had no idea what the weather
was going to be.  It turned out cold. Infact freeeezin but  we wrapped up well.  Hats, scarves, gloves and thermals are a must. 
Wonderful Copenhagen transformed into Wonderful cool - cold Copenhagen
We arrived into Terminal two at Copenhagen Airport.  Took a taxi from the airport to
our city centre hotel.  The traffic was ok considering it was friday rushhour.
Took about twenty minutes and cost  kr250--  about £ 25. Our Moroccan driver explained we would have been much cheaper taking a train.  We took the train back.
Very easy to do and only takes 12 mins .  36kr single per person.  You get the tickets from the window inside the main office.  It`s on the left as you enter the main  door.
Downstairs to platform 5. You will see lots of travellers with bags and cases.
We  stayed at the Savoy hotel.  The Savoy is not as posh as the famous London hotel on
Park lane but it is ok for a  traveller. The rooms are not huge but are clean and comfortable ans has the normal mod cons. What sold me on the place was it  is right in the city centre not far from the main train station.  
Friday night
Checked into Savoy hotel and headed into the city for a few beers.  I had already been to Norway and Iceland so I expected the beer to be very expensive.  First stop was the Scottish pub.  Themed bars are not my favourite but I quite enjoyed this one.
I ordered a pint of  Kilkenny. Which cost 510 kr around £4.50.
On that corner there was  English, Irish and Scottish themed bars together .
After a couple we cross the road [Hans Christian Andersens boulevard]
We walk down the Stroget.  We stopped to have a hambuger.  The Dubliner was our last stop before heading back to our digs.
Hans Christian Anderson is the worlds most famour childrens writer.
The Snow Queen, Little Mermaid, Thumbelina and Ugly Duckling have all been loved by kids
all around the world.
After a good breakfast we headed out for a full day site seeing.  First stop is the cityhall.
Walk in and have a short look round.  It`s free and fun
We then walk down Europe`s longest pedestraian shopping area.
Stroget is a collection of streets which join together to make one shopping heaven.
There are also lots of places to eat and drink.
From the Stroget we walk down to the waterside to stroll along to the wonderful Nyhavn.
Nyhavn is the 17th century waterfront with brightly coloured houses .  Really smart area of the town.  

We now have to make our way to see the changing of the guard at Amalienborg.

 Amalienborg is the winter palace of the Danish royal family.  We planned it to get to the palace for noon as the changing of the guard takes place.

Get there about 11.45 so you have a great view.  The band comes along the road around five minutes to twelve. The changing of the guard lasts about 15 mins.
Sometimes there`s no band.  After the palace we walked along the riverside to see the Little Mermaid.


The most famous landmark in Denmark. The statue is based on the  fairy tale - The Little Mermaid.  A story by Hans Christian Anderson.   The statue was commissioned in 1909 by Carl Jacobsen, son of founder of Carlsbery brewery. The Mermaid is 4ft high.  
Amalienborg was originally built for four noble families; however, when Christiansborg Palace burnt down on 1794,  the royal family bought the palaces and moved in.  Over the years various kings and their families have resided there.
 Winter in Copenhagen
We walked over to see the  Danish Crown Jewels at Rosenborg Castle.  The castle was
built in 1664.  You have to pay a bit extra to take photographs. 
 Short  walk from the Rosenborg we come across the Rundetarn [Round Tower]
Strange sloped ramp up to the top where there is a observation deck.
Great views of the city from up there.  There`s a lot of walking involved in a visit to Copenhagen but there is an open top siteseeing bus if you don`t fancy the hike.


Back through the Stroget  and passed the Tivoli gardens to The Hardrock cafe. After a quick look  we head back to our hotel.
At night we head back up to Nyhavn for dinner but decide against it  as prices are a bit more expensive.  A pub in Stroget wins it.   Streckers had good specials. [Steak]
After Breakfast we walk to Christianshavn to see the famous Christiania area.  The peace loving folk are friendly and seemed very happy. Whitney Houston songs belted out from
one of the campbuses.  Whitney had just passed away that day.
We had a waffle from a stall in the Stroget. By then it`s time to go for the train to the airport. We have had a great weekend in Copenhagen  and proved there`s life in Copenhagen with the Tivoli Gardens.  

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